Introduce Tea Ceremony with KIMONO

Tea Ceremony with KIMONO 8,000Yen

Enjoy tea ceremony in your Kimono!

(1)Choose Kimono and Obi.Start putting on Kimono with teacher.

(2)Your upper body is wearing a T-shirt or tank top.

(3)Put on a Nagajyuban(under-kimono).

(4)Put on a Kimono.

(5)Tie an Obi.

【Take pictures each other.】

<Take a rest.>

(6)Explain tea ceremony tools.

(7)Explain host motions.

(8)Explain guests(main guest, second guest, third guest, last guest) motions.

(9)Make a tea.

(10)Eat a Japanese teacake.

(11)Drink a tea.

【Take pictures each other.】

(12)Put off Kimono.

The date Everyday 11:00-12:45   13:00-14:45  19:00-20:45
Price 8,000Yen
People We need at least two people. (over 10 years old)
Note: The schedule may be changed on account of the organizer. Thank you for your understanding.


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