Introduce Traditional Japanese Dance with Kimono

Traditional Japanese Dance with KIMONO 8,000Yen

Enjoy Japanese traditional Dance in your Kimono!

(1)Choose Kimono and Obi.Start putting on Kimono with teacher.

(2)Your upper body is wearing a T-shirt or tank top.

(3)Put on a Nagajyuban(under-kimono).

(4)Put on a Kimono.

(5)Tie an Obi.

【Take pictures each other.】

<Take a rest.>

(6)Sit on your heels(Seiza) and bow.

(7)How to use Japanese fan(Sake server, pour Sake, billow, blossoms fall, and so on)

(8)Try Traditional Japanese Dance.(Sakura Sakura, Kurodabushi, Tokyoondo, and so on/It depends on the season.)

(9)Put off Kimono.

The date Everyday 11:00-12:45   13:00-14:45  19:00-20:45\
Price 8,000Yen
People We need at least two people. (over 10 years old)
Note: The schedule may be changed on account of the organizer. Thank you for your understanding.


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